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Dubliner Cheese

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

If you like cheddar, and I know you do, you should keep an eye out for Dubliner cheese. The cheese is white and tastes like cheddar, except nuttier. Also, there's a vague hint of a parmesan-like flavor that really knocks me out. It's really delicious and I can't think of another cheese that's similar. You can find it throughout the country at most specialty cheese shops or at places with good cheese departments. If you live on the west coast you can find it the cheapest at Trader Joe's. If you live in NYC you can find it the cheapest at East Village Cheese.


Elbow News

Thursday, August 25, 2005
The folks over at V2 and Elbow have asked us to pass on the following. And since we like Elbow, we gladly follow orders:

Elbow’s ‘Leaders Of The Free World’ available a week before the official release date.
On 12th September, elbow will release their eagerly anticipated third album, “Leaders Of The Free World”.

Elbow’s label, V2 are offering the album exclusively a week before release through TellJack. By visiting http://www.telljack.com/elbow you have the opportunity to pre-order the upcoming album in digital or physical format receiving the content anything up to a week before the official release date. Packages include free bonus material including the videos for ‘Station Approach’ and ‘Forget Myself’

About the Album:

Twelve months in their very own Blueprint studio in Manchester, with a little trip to LA to mix with Tom Rothrock and some finishing off mixing with Marius De Vries in London, has produced an album that the band feel is their very best yet. With production duties shared amongst the band and an all pervading sense of their home town seeping through the tracks, this is an album that fully justifies all of the claims made on Elbow’s behalf in previous years.

Thumbsucker Blog

First off, I think it's outstanding that we were all worried cause no one had updated in so long. Now I've updated a bunch of quality stuff...... nothing. Brilliant. Just Brilliant. No response. No one reads. Not a soul. Now onto more denial of that fact.... You can read Mike Mill's Thumbsucker blog HERE or just go to the regular old site HERE.

The K Man

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If you didn't already know, before and during the office, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant had an amazing radio show. It basically consisted of them mucking about with their producer Karl Pilkington, a human ape with a freakishly round, bald, Mancy head. It is priceless. You can download their latest 6-week run HERE or listen to the old archives online HERE. You can also watch some Animated Monkey News. Enjoy, it's amazing. I've had it on my shuffle for the past couple days (the latest run amounts to almost 5 1/2 hours) and have been shitting myself laughing in all sorts of uncomfortable public places. If you've seen the Politics DVD, you've witnessed Karl's magnificent intelligence in the extra features.

Kanye West Sounds

At the top of Lushlife's page offering his new mash-up of Beach Boys meets Kanye West, we see the following quote from Brian Wilson:

I think we are at the lowest point we have been in the history of (music)... like in rap music. It all adds up to one big minus."

Sadly, Lushlife does nothing to dispel this exagerrated comment.
First off, I'd disagree that hip hop hasn't originated anything. But I do feel as though it's reached it's "hair metal" stage if you will and becoming a mockary of itself. It just so happens that Kanye West is one of the key artists fighting this trend. So it's an interesting idea to pair up two innovators. But as a serious serious Beach Boys nerd/snob I feel it's important to say that these two artists are NOT EQUALS IN ANY UNIVERSE and it almost minimilizes Wilsons accomplishment to pair him with West at this point in his career.

Either way, onto the review. At no point does this album succeed in correctly and appropriately using "Pet Sounds". Mostly, it takes one small and amatuer loop from "Pet Sounds", with no regard for content or meaning, and tosses some Kanye West on top. A great example of this is "Get'em High" where we hear a beautiful string arrangement layed over with Talib Kwali telling us to put up our "Mutha Fuck'n Hands". Yikes.

What we do see is that, in any genre or circumstance, "Pet Sounds" is amazing. It's sounds transcend and live in all environments and pulse with emotion. We also find that West is a talented and original lyricist.

What we are left with, in the end, are some Kanye West songs with interesting loops underneath them that sound pretty. This has nothing to do with the fact that parts of them originate from "Pet Sounds". Unlike the wildly interesting "Grey Album" by Danger Mouse, this album puts synthesized beats and sounds created by Lush Life over childish samples form the greatest album ever made. If Lushlife had inventively pulled samples, based all the beats on actual drum samples and all the melodies on re-worked string lines.... well then we'd have something. Also, unlike the "Grey Album", we never find lyrics' mood matched with songs' mood.

Either way, below I've itemized songs that are "interesting" and songs that make a mockery of the project. All this project amounts to is a verification of Wilson's quote and more proof that upcoming hip hop producers are getting less and less interesting. If Lushlife had actually put some hard work into this project, it could be really thought provoking.

-All Falls Down
-Slow Jamz
-New Workout Plan

-Through The Wire
-Get'em High

You can listen to the whole album at: www.kanyewestsounds.com

Draught Breaker

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Sorry for the long dry spell. I know all 3 of you have felt lost and confused since our last "real" post. Below I've listed some recent items and my reviews.

Rating: 5 of 5
Although toting a wait time upwards of 4 hours, this 50 second ride registers as the fastest and highest rollercoaster on earth. This is true, it feels like it. I consider myself a bit of a connosiouer of coasters if you will, and this one sent a deep deep fear into my belly upon lining up for the launch. The way up is the worst and boggles the mind how fun this coaster is, despite is exhorbitant wait and short ride time. Overall, Six Flags is a scam, we waited 8 hours for 4 rides equally 4 minutes of actual ride time. BUT, this ride is worth a trip.

NADA SURF: "The Weight Is A Gift"
Rating: 2 of 5
As a follow up to the astounding and original "Let Go", this album is weak, boring, unoriginal and fails to contain more than one or two simple and predictable hooks. I'd consider it an overwhelming dissapointment, especially considering the resounding success and breath of fresh air that "Let Go" was.

Rating: 3 1/2 of 5
If this song were 12 songs instead of 21, it'd be my album of the year thus far. At times Rolling Stones, at times Veloso, at times Dylan, it is original, lively and soulful and sees Bernhardt continue down the costello-like path of releasing albums every 6-12 months that are always interesting and commonly superior to most other releases, i f not a bit rushed. This album suffers from the same thing that every other Devendra album does, too many tracks, too many paths wandered down, not enough truly traveled and lived in. If you give this album some time and love, it will reward you.

Rating: 5 of 5
I'll make it short. This album has received massive amounts of hype. It deserves ALMOST all of it. It's fantastic, a little weak perhaps at the tail end, but either way, startling refreshing, fun and new. From the first to the last, it blends the spontanaity and inventiveness of the Talking Heads with the grit and lust of Neutral Milk Hotel.

LUKE TEMPLE: "Make Right With You"
Rating: 4 of 5
Keep in mind, this review is simply for this one song, not the entire album (which is a bit dodgy at points). Outstanding soul, guitar playing, a classic of a song. Also, the bridge is a beauty. Download it

RYAN ADAMS: "September"
Rating: 5 of 5
This follow-up to the under-rated and brave "Cold Roses" is this year's best so far. Operatic, classic, lyrical and heart-felt, this album sounds like a Nashville release. It has great lyrics, a great string section, some great hooks and a care-free nature that is better used here than on "Cold Roses". I'm sure I'll catch a raft of shit for this, but I think this album is outstanding and further proves that Ryan Adams is one of the most important, inventive, timeless and lasting artists of this decade.


Friday, August 19, 2005
002. The Girl on the Bridge/La Fille Sur Le Pont. I can see us being the people in the movie for some reason. I guess 'cos we've talked about traveling
003. Grape
004. Sometime this fall.
005. El Jay
006. Lion
007. Will you put me in a movie you make?

the squid and the whale poster

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Best Of: Craigs List

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Thank you to Two Of Two Cities for their Best Of Craigs List collection.

True Hoop Carnival

Henry Abbot's True Hoop wraps up the blog universe for anyone obsessed with basketball in his 14th annual CARNIVAL OF THE NBA. Seriously check this out.

-- Keegan

Extraordinary Machine

Monday, August 15, 2005
Fiona Apple fans can rejoice because Extraordinary Machine is finally being released. Billboard reports October 4th is the street date and the album will not be exactly the same as the version that leaked onto the internet way back when. Fiona is to begin streaming tracks on her official website today and you can buy them from iTunes starting tomorrow. So it seems not only is the album coming out, but the marketing machine is already well in motion.

Fiona Apple official site
Read the Billboard article
Download the title track

Posted by Chad


Sunday, August 14, 2005

If you wanna see the video MIA directed for Elastica, go

If you wanna see a video for Bonny Prince Billy's "Agnes" go HERE.

There is a cool video site HERE.

Fix You

This is totally old news and I'm sure you've all seen it, but I just wouldn't be a superfan if I didn't post the video for Coldplay's Fix You. It's by no means a good video, but it does make me excited to go to the concert in two weeks, which is something. I was waiting to get it in Quicktime and here it is.

Fix You Video

Posted by Chad

Bush vs. Blair

If you've seen MIA live, you seen this video she plays of Bush and Blair having a back and forth.


Borat is amazing. But there is some mixed news. There will be no Ali G season three. That is heartbreaking. There WILL BE a Borat Movie. Hopefully it'll be better than Ali G In Da House. This news comes to us courtesy of Thighs Wide Shut.

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo

Last night I went to the 10:10 showing of Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo
at the Mann 6 theater on the Promenade and here's my mini review.

For perspective, I was 17 years old when Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo came out and I remember laughing a lot when I saw it in the theater with my buddy Ray. In the six years since, I've grown up a lot, gone to film school and seen my tastes get what some would describe as "snobbier". Nonetheless, I laughed my ass off last night as well.

Clocking in at around 80 minutes, its barely a movie and if you are looking for anything remotely interesting in your editing, directing or pacing of a movie, then perhaps this isn't the flick for you. Some of the montages are so poorly put together I felt like I was watching a rough cut and the plot unfolds from one obvious set up to the next. But what Deuce Bigalow lacks in cinematic competance, it makes up for in laughs. Not a single clever joke in the whole thing, but some brilliant stupid ones. Eddie Griffin really comes into his own here with his T.J. character. Left as a side note in the first film, he is able to run wild in the sequel while Rob Schneider merely plays the straight man.

One running joke has Griffin constantly referring to Schneider's penis with a different euphamism such as "twatsicle" or "shenis" or "vaguyna". Basically if you don't think that's funny then don't see the movie. But you'll be cheating yourself out of a shameless, laugh-filled 80 minutes my friend.

Posted by Chad

My Top 5 Favorite Cheeses

Friday, August 12, 2005
I don't, by any means, claim to be some kind of expert on cheese. I have tried quite a bit of cheese though, and I know what I like. I feel pretty strongly that the cheeses listed below are all top notch. If you have a cheese store in your area, or even just a Whole Foods you should give them a try. If you live in NYC be sure to visit East Village Cheese at 40 3rd Ave. This place has tons of amazing cheese at rock bottom prices (they have about 20 $2.99lb specials every week).


This French goat's milk blue cheese is made in caves near the Spanish border. What we have here is a very sharp cheese, but with a strangely mellow goat flavor. It's great to eat after a meal, maybe with a pear and some wine or maybe with a 40 of Miller High Life. Either way, you'll enjoy it.


Black Diamond Cheddar
Black Diamond is a company from Canada that makes cheddar. Although I love many brands of cheddar I've decided that this is the best. Made from raw milk, its smoothness and sharpness can't be beat. Close on hand in the cheddar department are Tillamook and Bandon, both from Oregon.


Danish Blue
There are many many makers of Danish blue cheese, but I've liked almost all that I've had. Usually it's very sharp and salty, while creamy at the same time. This is great because they balance each other out perfectly. I find that it's at its best when it's somewhere between room temperature and fridge temerature.


"Chevre" can refer to any type of 100% goat's milk cheese. My favorite is the moist soft kind as seen in the picture. It's a bit tart and also creamy, but always simple and no nonsense. Sometimes you can get it with herbs or garlic, however I prefer it plain.


Named after an area in England, cotswold cheese is kind of like cheddar, except it's even better. It's made from double glouster which is a bit soft, but not too soft. In any case, it's got chopped onions and chives in it and it's amazing. I could eat a whole half pound wedge of it if I didn't stop myself.


I Know You're Gay

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thanks to Marc The Ghost Faced Ripper, we've got this funny outtake, featuring Paul Rudd, from "40 Year Old Virgin".

Wake Me Up When the Video Ends

Samuel Bayer, whose previous collaborations with Green Day are up for 8 MTV Video Music Award nominations, has declared his new video for "Wake Me Up When September Ends" the greatest thing he's done. And he's done some good videos.

"It's a sad song. It's a song about loss and heartbreak. And I've played the video for people and seen them cry," he continued. "To have a video that evokes that kind of emotion from people is amazing. In my career, I've never had anything affect people like that."

MTV is tripping over themselves to praise it and the fact that uber-liberal blog site Crooks & Liars have linked it up is indicative of how they will latch onto anything with a mildly anti-war message. I think it's an enormous piece of crap, on par with Michael Jackson's overblown and incomprehensible "You Rock My World" clip. But take a look for yourself and decide. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks cutting back and forth between soldiers getting rained on by bullets and debris with Green Day getting rained on with cool sparkly lights in slow motion is a little crass.

No offense to Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood though, who do alright with the terrible dialogue and Star Wars-ian staging of their scenes.

Watch the video

Posted by Chad

She's Got Moxy!

My good buddy Robert Evans, 75 got married for the seventh time this week to 42 year old Lady Victoria White. No stranger to the vows herself, White is embarking on her third marriage after only dating Notorious for three months.

The best part of the story is how Evans reportedly proposed. According to Time magazine, he presented his bride-to-be with a photograph of her and her late husband with Evans' face pasted on the man's body. That's class.

Posted by Chad

Best Player of the Decade

In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, Soccernet has unveiled an article that profiles the top three players of the last decade. They originally put a shortlist of ten players up and then users voted for their picks which resulted in this top three. Number one on the list is not a surprise, Zinedine Zidane of France.

Click Here for the Article

Posted by Chad

broken social scene

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

If you read pitchfork, and let's be honest I know you do (even you complain constantly about hating the reviews and often accuse others of being slaves to their best new music reccomendations) then it doesn't come as to news to you that Broken Social Scene (the band that originated the "being from canada" + "ecstatic pitchfork review" = "enormous indie cred" forumla that the arcade fire recently cribbed) is releasing their third full length LP October 4th, and that is not called "Windsurfing Nation", but is merely self titled. What you may not know is that you can now download 7/4 (shoreline), a track from their forthcoming album.

Having recorded upwards of 50 tracks during their recent studio time. The sheer volume of new material created a pleasant problem for the band, what to do with all of it? There were originally whispers of a double album, but now it seems that half will be released on the aforementioned self titled album, the other half which will be released later next year (or so we're told).

If you've seen Broken Social Scene live in the last year and have heard so of the new songs they've been testing out you can't help but be very excited for this new record. They've consistently put on amazing shows that rival the very best I've seen, and every new song seems to equal to the very best of "You Forgot It In People".

In the mean time you can also listen a live acoustic album that they recorded in paris which consists of several live versions of "You Forgot It In People" tracks as well an Apostle of Hustle track, and few non album offerings.

Posted By Brendan McFadden


MIA played a free show in central park on sunday and it was the largest crowd Summerstage saw all season. The line stretched around the block and was mind blowing. I must say, the DJ sets winding up to MIA, just like the last show, killed me and my soul at times. But I did enjoy Basement Bhangra much more this time. Either way, MIA is frickin amazing, her music is ridiculous and last night, I had a dream that we agreed to escape to Sri Lanka and have a shotgun wedding. I like MIA, enough said. Not only was Sherry, the hype chick who freaks the fence in the "Bucky Done Gone" video there, there was a second girl who had the sole responsibility of dancing. Amazing. At one point, some sweaty dude in his underwear got onstage and danced with Maya. The picture is amazing cause she's making the dance gesture for "doggystyle" and looking at his goods. Either way, you can check out more picks thanks to BROOKLYN VEGAN right HERE. Can I also add that my high point, was when they left the stage after like 6 songs, and the audience was confused... we didn't know what was going on... was that it?.... was there an encore?... are they kidding?... then, suddenly, there they were... IN WHOLE NEW OUTFITS. Amazing, costume change. I'm sold. And as for DIPLO, I'm sorry man, but by the time you got on, I was so frickin' tired, I couldn't handle it. Talk to Mr. Vegas about that shit, that dude sucked some big ones and kept tricking me into putting my hands up. He'd be like "Who wants some MIA? Put ya mutha fuckin' hands up!" (I put my hands up.) "Now wavem' side ta side!". DAMNIT! Bamboozled again!

Also, you can check out a bunch of pics and videos from her Coachella performance on Punk Ass Bitch's website.

You can also check her out live on Jimmy Kimmel Live thanks to Sepiamutiny.


-- Keegan

Flip It & Reverse It

In case you haven't been following the basketball world lately, something interesting happened last night. The New Jersey Nets had signed former Blazer Shareef Abdur Rahim to a tentative 6 year contract. But before things could be finalized, they put a hold on the procedures and spent roughly a week and a half saying that they were "worried" with what they had found in Rahim's knee during the routine physical. Sadly, they made this a very public statement and it reflected very badly on Rahim, who's never once missed a game because of the knee and has plenty of doctor's saying there is no need to worry. Well, after much negative publicity, the Nets renegged on their offer to Rahim, leaving him in the dust. He had passed on multiple offers that were much better to play with Jason Kidd and the team in New Jersey. Instead, he was treated like damaged goods by the Nets, and his outstanding health and skills were publicly questioned. If you hadn't already known, Rahim is a very driven muslim and one of the few amazing people in professional basketball. This is a shame. One of the users in the Blazers Forum set up a reverse scenario which puts things into perspective:

"Rod, you know I wanted to go to a winner, and I'm willing to take much less money to do so. However, I just looked at an MRI of Jason Kidd's knee and it looks really bad. Down the road it may affect his ability to play. Since I'm assuming more risk that the Nets may not be a winner if he goes down, I'm going to need a 42% pay increase."

Aziz Ansari on "Broken Flowers"

Our man Aziz Ansari has seen Jarmusch's newest Broken Flowers, and unlike me, loved it:

I also saw "Broken Flowers" last night. It was f'n awesome. Does it even need to be said that Bill Murray was amazing? You can just look at that poster and tell that he's the man and that he's gonna put on another killer performance. I also loved Jeffrey Wright as his neighbor, the character is f'n amazing and I wish there some more screentime for him. Also, hilarious (but also unfortunately brief) performance from Christopher McDonald as Ron (he played the game show host in "Requiem for a Dream".) Anyway, check it out. Also saw a preview for some new movie Wes Anderson is producing starring Jeff Daniels and the kid from "Rodger Dodger" that looked pretty cool. Too lazy to IMDB it for the name.

Adam Brody

Posted by Chad

Fiddler on the Roof

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Finally lending some credibility to Broadway, Rosie O'Donnell will be appearing in the New York revival of Fiddler on the Roof. The lead role of Tevye will be played by Harvey Fierstein. Seriously. Kudos to Best Week Ever for beating me to the joke of reporting that O'Donnell will be playing the roof.

Posted by Chad

Village Voice & Others: 2046

The village voice has a stunning and glowing review of "2046". Go see this immediately. They basically say what I had said on friday, but better. Also, Britfilms has a great review where they say, "One gets the impression that Kar-Wai has loved someone and not been loved in return." Also, the New York Times gave it one of The most flattering reviews in recent memory.

Sweet Sweet Music

Monday, August 08, 2005

First, we must mention that Nike Shox suck some ass for running, BUT, this commercial doesn't, and I think it's real smart. Better yet, it's put togethor by Weiden & Kennedy, from my home town of Portland, OR.

Is it bad?

Seriously, I get so much happiness out of Laguna Beach that most would say it's ridiculous. If let alone to view all alone, I will often catch myself getting way too involved and reacting way too much, then feel very embarassed. There, I said it, I think the show is genius. It makes me happy.

-- Keegan

KANYE WEST: Late Registration

I wanted to let everyone know that any versions of "Late Registration" you may find leaked are NOT legit. In fact, I was all prepared to write this long review about how the tracks were awful, sounded nothing like they were produced by Jon Brion and IN FACT, sounded like shit B-sides to "College Dropout". Oh well hey, guess what, they ARE b-sides to "College Dropout" and I'm a jerkface.


Check out this great new Adidas commercial directed by Dean Maryon.

Impossible Field

Minimizing The Focus: Love Amplified

Finally, Death Cab For Cutie has found the patience to make the stunningly beautiful album they are fully capable of. Following the forced and distanced, although brilliant, "Transatlanticism", "Plans" finds the band succeeding as they should, bringing the intimate moment into a glowing focus with songs that stretch out, bend and breath with such ease and warmth that you find yourself instantly touched and welcomed. It's as if immediately feeling at home, to start the record and have it please so easily.

One could easily say that Death Cab has never released a "bad album", they've just failed to meet the high bar they are capable of. "The Photo Album" found them repeating other records, "Transatlanticism" found them forcing for the grandious. Now we see them simply stepping into the light, a lengthily amount of hype behind them, and satisfying all desires their fanbase might have expected of them.

This album seems to be of the sort that time will only enrich it's varied offerings. But it can be easily said that, at first listen, I could not be more excited, moved and interested in "Plans". All those things, I would have never expected from this band, after two mixed releases. Well done Death Cab.

Forget Myself

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The video for Elbow's first single off Leaders of the Free World has hit the net and it's fantastic. I added the link below but for some reason people still put out their shit in Windows Media Player. Can't find a Quicktime of it anywhere. But it's too good not to watch so enjoy.

Forget Myself Video

Posted by Chad

Fall 2005

August just started, but there is literally nothing coming out the whole month that I want to see in the theater (except Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo) and so I'm already looking forward to the fall. Similar to the summer, I struggled to come up with 10 movies that I am really excited about, although there is definitely at least five that I am clammoring to see now. Anyway, here are my 10 most anticipated movies of the Fall (September-December).

10. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (Tim Burton, Mike Johnson)
Tim Burton hasn't made a good movie in ages, but if this one is anything like The Nightmare Before Christmas it should buck the trend. Although Burton didn't actually direct or have much to do with Christmas at all so maybe it won't.

9. All the Kings Men (Steven Zaillian)
Not much is out about this movie yet so I'm excited just based on the cast and the fact that the original movie is fantastic. Could turn into something I'm not excited about before it's out.

8. Jarhead (Sam Mendes)
Again, the cast and director are enough to get me buzzed. Could change though.

7. The New World (Terrence Malick)
I'm probably the least pumped about this film of all GO-GC members, but I still think it will be good.

6. Shopgirl (Anand Tucker)
A great trailer got me onto this movie. The movie itself could be bad though, I haven't read the book.

5. Syriana (Stephen Gaghan)
Gaghan hasn't made a good movie but the sight of Clooney with a pot belly, dirty beard and surrounded by Arabs makes him look even more like my Dad.

4. Match Point (Woody Allen)
I've been skipping out on Woody's recent work but everyone says this is a return to form (which they've also said about his last ones)

3. Elizabethtown (Cameron Crowe)
I doubt this will be as good as Crowe's last two films but I do have high hopes.

2. Munich (Steven Spielberg)
Man I love Spielberg.

1. Good Night and Good Luck. (George Clooney)
The follow up to maybe the best directorial debut of the decade.

Posted by Chad


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Now I haven't travelled the world, riding roller coasters left and right, but I have been to a fair number of theme parks across the United States. Hell, I even worked at one for the summer of '99 and appeared in the commercial for the Apollo's Chariot ride at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. Yes, that's the roller coaster that Fabio hit a bird with his face while riding. I imagine if blogging was as popular back in '99 as it is now, that would have been one of the most posted stories of the year. Anyway, the point is yesterday I went to Six Flags, Valencia and rode a ride called X and it is officially the greatest roller coaster I have ever been on. Worth the price of admission alone if you are considering going.

Six Flags Official Site

And just for fun. . .

Fabio Busch Gardens Video

Posted by Chad