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Going Away Dinner

Thursday, September 29, 2005

At the strong bullying of my former co-workers, I have posted photographs of my going away dinner here. Pictured here you will see James, Jen, Adrienne, Jessica and Steve. They are amazing and I will miss them. Big time.

The Good and The Bad

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holy god, I knew devendra bernhardt was ridiculous, but get a load of This video for "Just Like A Child". It's unreal how stupid this video is. He's wearing those hilarious american apparel shorts that only look hot on girls in a terry richardson knock off photo.

Also, XL released a video for what is called "Galang 05". I can't tell what's different, except for more reasons for her to wear a bunch of outstanding outfits and dance in front of cool animations and shit. Hey, I'm not gonna bite the hand that feeds me. Watch the thing.

Thad Cockrell

Thursday, September 22, 2005
Without Thad's permission, I'm posting two of his new demos for 3 days so the loyal readers can get their hands on them. They are unbelieveable. If you've spent any time around me, you know the very high opinion I hold of Thad. He has one of the finest voices and one of the most impressive roster of songs I can think of. He is one of the few talents making real country music out there right now and I seldom listen to one of his songs without feeling a little whistful and reflective.

Song #1: Look Up Sarah (mp3)
Song #2: Call You Baby (mp3)

Website Updated

Monday, September 19, 2005

I've updated the website with two rough mixes from the sessions for anyone to download. Please remember they are rough mixes. Also, they represent the two songs with the least amount of shinanigans going on, therefore, they require less mixing and post production (strings, horns, keys, so on). Enjoy. Visit it at keegandewitt.com.

Ricotta Salata

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ricotta Salata is a sheep's milk cheese originating from Sicily. It could be somewhat misunderstood due to its name. "Ricotta" is a term not limited to the specific type of cheese often used to stuff pasta. Rather "ricotta" is Italian for "recooked", which refers to a cheese making process that involves heating whey after it has been separated from cheese curds. In any case, Ricotta Salata is firm, spongy, and slightly tangy. It's not the kind of cheese you would likely put on crackers or bread. What Ricotta Salata is perfect for is pasta salads, on top of sautéed vegetables, or on top of a tomato based sauce. Its spongy texture absorbs oil and vinegar in the case of a salad and works really well with a sauce. I haven't tried this, but I bet it would be great on top of a tomato sauce with a lot of basil in it.


Friends and Lovers

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I've got a confession to make, I like Bread. Yes, Bread. The 70's am radio pop group. But then I like 70's am radio pop. So that should come as no surprise. I like it with zero irony. Now you may not like Bread, but you may be interested in this new album of Bread covers called Friends and Lovers; Songs of Bread. It features artists such as Josh Rouse, Erlend Oye, Call & Response, and Mojave 3, and is out on Badman (the label that is home to Hayden and My Morning Jacket, among others).

-- Posted by Brendan

Sparrows Recording: Day Five


Day five was long. We recorded a ton of stuff, then did a bunch rough mixes for us to take with us till Chris Stamey sits down to professionally mix it for us. Also, Roman Candle plans to also add a lot more stuff before that even happens. So we did that untiul 2am, then ran from the studio to the car, drove the 3 hours to Raleigh, said goodbye to Jude, then Nick and I sat in the airport at 5am. I got on my plane, flew to Atlanta, got delayed, flew to Laguardia, Jen was amazing and picked me up, took me to get my stuff, then we went and slept, one of 3 totally unsatisfying moments of trying to get sleep. From what I hear, Nick got delayed, missed his connection. Then, I made it to JFK and shipped off on Jetblue for Portland. In that time, Nick also made it home and Skip worked a double. I watched the Red Sox game, fell asleep, then was in Portland and sleeping. Now, we're all home and accounted for, the journey is over for now, I'm off to the south pacific, Nick is off for tour and Roman Candle willo help complete this record before heading off on a tour of their own. The final recording should be done in November.

Sparrows Recording: Day Four

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today was a long and strange day. We were way ahead of schedule, after completing "Little Country Road", "Bed Of Mercy" and "The Weather" much faster than anticipated, we were left to work on group vocals. We laid down some amazing stuff on "Little Country Road" and went on to lay down the key pieces and hand claps on "More Of You". Now we just spent maybe 2 hours recording a ridiculously soulful version of "Come On Byrd". My fingers ache, my hands feel arthritic and my brain doesn't work. I feel like we've been getting less and less sleep each night, which is probably true. BUT, I must say that this session has blown my mind and the results are nothing short of inspiring and incredible. Now we are setting up the piano to lay down a basic track for "Christmas Light" and perhaps some honky tonk stuff on "Little Country Road". We added a bunch of rollicking vocals to that one including some "la la la la las" that make it sound like "Revolution".

Cameron Winery

Cameron Winery is located in Dundee, Oregon. They make amazing wine. They use sustainable organic farming techniques. The owner John Paul is a really nice guy. The only tricky part is finding it if you don't live in Oregon or Washington. I have seen it at a couple shops in NYC though. If you see it you should buy it. You'll be glad you did.

Check out their site here:


Ipod Subway Maps

If you are in new york and have a color ipod (nano or photo) you can use Ipod Subway Maps in NYC.

Sparrows Recording: Day Three (Part Two)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
"Little Country Road" is in full swing, with a great basic track of guitar/drums and a playful Lennon/Jagger-like lead vocal. Jager leaves tonight, so he's down there letting some guitar loose through a great little box that sounds very Beatle-esque. Nick is working out his walking baseline that makes it very bluesy and nice. We took pictures for the album today and had a blast. Tonight we've decided to complete "More Of You" with it's complicated choir parts and hand claps. We've also decided to add "Bed Of Mercy" to the list as our late-night traditional closer. That only leaves three others, that are fun ones. We've got "The Weather", "Come On Byrd" and "Christmas Light", although I'd argue to have that last one cut from the list (I don't think it fits with the rest).

Sparrows Recording: Day Three

Last night, around 4:30am, we put the finishing touches on a 7-part beach boys harmony for "Please Tell...". It was charming to say the least. Today, as the tradition has dictated, we recorded vocal tracks for "Coming Down The Line", "So High (So Low)" and overdubs for "Please Tell...". Now, after much soul crushing vocal work, we are heading into "Little Country Road" which should kick. Nick has an outstanding Paul McCartney baseline and it will help us keep to our "under 3:30 minutes" standard. We also recorded a great vocal baseline on "Please Tell...", ripping off The Beatles "I Will".

Sparrows Recording: Day Two (Part Two)

Monday, September 12, 2005

DAY TWO: Part Two
"Coming Down The Line" was on the receiving end of an amazing tremelo guitar lead from Mr. Nick Jager. It also saw some guitar action from Skip and myself. Once the keyboards lay down on that thing, it just might blow some minds. We then moved on to a rollicking version of "So High (So Low)" that we beat through in a couple solid takes. Now Mr. Nick Forde will embellish with his sexy bass and help at some body. As of this evening, we are still ahead of schedule and have completed 6 tracks, with three almost completely finished, the others just needing vocals. If all goes well, we'll get into "Please Tell..." before bed, then hit up "Little Country Road", "Come On Byrd" and "Christmas Light" tomorrow, before spending all day wednesday putting together the opus that is "The Weather".

Sparrows Recording: Day Two

Last night we completed basic tracks for the following tracks:
-July 4th 2004
-It Is Love
-Make Me A Bed
-More Of You

We rolled tape on "Make Me A Bed" at the end of the night and mutually agreed it might have been something magical. This morning, we finished vocals, harmonies, hand claps and group singing on "It Is Love" and "July 4th, 2004". Timshel's hammond and wurlitzer on those are breathtaking. Today we layed down the basics for "Coming Down The Line" as well. That should be a lovely piece. We plan to start into "So High (So Low)" now, eventually ending the night with a great version of "Please Tell The One I Love".

Keegan 7:09pm

Sparrows Recording: Day One

Sunday, September 11, 2005
After a long late night drive into Wilkes County, we settled in for bed. This morning, we arose, had the large group breakfast, entertained Jude for about an hour whilst watching football, then quickly set upon recording. We ran through a brand new song, "Little Country Road", tried "Make Me A Bed", then settled on "July 4th, 2004" as our first song. We quickly arranged it, adding a lapsteel solo, a telecaster lead, a secondary acoustic picking piece and a great thumping bass line/drum beat. We listened to a bit of "To Be Young" by Ryan Adams to get our bearings on the right sound. Now we're setting up mics, getting drum sounds and setting about putting our very first song on tape.

Sunday 4:49pm

from the oregonian

Sunday, September 04, 2005
"The hardest part," Dupre said, "is walking around with my daughter, telling her that we're looking for someone, and not being able to tell her it's her mother we're searching for."

"What does your wife look like?" someone asked.

"Exactly like her," Dupre said, holding up his daughter.

read more

Amazonian Penis Fish (Candiru or Canduru)

Thursday, September 01, 2005
WARNING! What follows is not for the weak of stomach!
So now that I'm leaving, all my co-workers are trying to freak me out, especially because I won't have health insurance. (Cobra costs almost $600!) SOOOOO.... My boss Maurice is a reptile/tortoise/fish freak and started talking some shit about a fish in the amazon loosely called the "penis fish". Well let me tell you something... this fish is real bitches. Like REAL REAL. If you pee in the Amazon, this fish senses the urine, follows the stream of pee, and works itself up into either your urethra(men) or your vagina (women). It then lodges a bunch of fangs/spikes into the inside of your goods, kinda like a porcupine, and begins sucking your blood. The only way to get rid of this is to have it surgically removed by slicing up your wang. Ridiculous. If you are further compelled, check out the links below to some pics of a case involving a 23 year old male (for fuck's sake!).

A Removed Canduru
A Canduru Just After Removal

General Info w/ Links
Wikipedia Page

The Wonder of Wikipedia

Perhaps I will bore you on this one, way too late, you already knew long ago. But I will attempt anyhow. Wikipedia is amazing. I mean really, really amazing. As you can see with the penis fish story, it can find anything, and it's resources and links that it provides are staggering. For example, lately I have been shitting myself over "The White Album", well I Wiki'd it (if that's even a term). Check out all the stuff it has HERE. I mean, there are links for everything you could ever wish for. Who compiles this info? Who should I be thanking? It's an amazing, amazing thing.

The Past Is The Past

I love Damon Stoudamire. There are people in Portland who never liked him. He was the hometown boy, from Wilson High, who we snatched away from Toronto and brought home. He lead us in heart and hardwork at times, and with stupid choices and a bad attitude at others. But I will say this for Damon. He plays a beautiful game, he plays it with heart, and he always believes he can win. He owns some of my favorite Blazer moments with buzzer-beaters. Now Damon is gone, and in Memphis of all places. He spoke with John Canzano and it really made me nostalgic. That game 7 versus the Lakers was one of the sadder days of my life, I had skipped my best friend's graduation to sit in a living room with my entire extended family, only to watch the Blazers loose a 9 point lead and a chance at the Pacers in the finals. It took me a couple days to really start talking regularly. I bleed for the Blazers, and Damon Stoudamire is a true Blazer. Even if he is in Memphis. Go Blazers.