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My Top 5 Favorite Cheeses

I don't, by any means, claim to be some kind of expert on cheese. I have tried quite a bit of cheese though, and I know what I like. I feel pretty strongly that the cheeses listed below are all top notch. If you have a cheese store in your area, or even just a Whole Foods you should give them a try. If you live in NYC be sure to visit East Village Cheese at 40 3rd Ave. This place has tons of amazing cheese at rock bottom prices (they have about 20 $2.99lb specials every week).


This French goat's milk blue cheese is made in caves near the Spanish border. What we have here is a very sharp cheese, but with a strangely mellow goat flavor. It's great to eat after a meal, maybe with a pear and some wine or maybe with a 40 of Miller High Life. Either way, you'll enjoy it.


Black Diamond Cheddar
Black Diamond is a company from Canada that makes cheddar. Although I love many brands of cheddar I've decided that this is the best. Made from raw milk, its smoothness and sharpness can't be beat. Close on hand in the cheddar department are Tillamook and Bandon, both from Oregon.


Danish Blue
There are many many makers of Danish blue cheese, but I've liked almost all that I've had. Usually it's very sharp and salty, while creamy at the same time. This is great because they balance each other out perfectly. I find that it's at its best when it's somewhere between room temperature and fridge temerature.


"Chevre" can refer to any type of 100% goat's milk cheese. My favorite is the moist soft kind as seen in the picture. It's a bit tart and also creamy, but always simple and no nonsense. Sometimes you can get it with herbs or garlic, however I prefer it plain.


Named after an area in England, cotswold cheese is kind of like cheddar, except it's even better. It's made from double glouster which is a bit soft, but not too soft. In any case, it's got chopped onions and chives in it and it's amazing. I could eat a whole half pound wedge of it if I didn't stop myself.

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7:45 PM

katz your officially my favorite blogger. i say from now on you blog exclusively about speciality foods.


p.s. i shared your willy wonka review w/ my friend miriam and she agreed wholeheartedly.    

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