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Fall 2005

August just started, but there is literally nothing coming out the whole month that I want to see in the theater (except Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo) and so I'm already looking forward to the fall. Similar to the summer, I struggled to come up with 10 movies that I am really excited about, although there is definitely at least five that I am clammoring to see now. Anyway, here are my 10 most anticipated movies of the Fall (September-December).

10. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (Tim Burton, Mike Johnson)
Tim Burton hasn't made a good movie in ages, but if this one is anything like The Nightmare Before Christmas it should buck the trend. Although Burton didn't actually direct or have much to do with Christmas at all so maybe it won't.

9. All the Kings Men (Steven Zaillian)
Not much is out about this movie yet so I'm excited just based on the cast and the fact that the original movie is fantastic. Could turn into something I'm not excited about before it's out.

8. Jarhead (Sam Mendes)
Again, the cast and director are enough to get me buzzed. Could change though.

7. The New World (Terrence Malick)
I'm probably the least pumped about this film of all GO-GC members, but I still think it will be good.

6. Shopgirl (Anand Tucker)
A great trailer got me onto this movie. The movie itself could be bad though, I haven't read the book.

5. Syriana (Stephen Gaghan)
Gaghan hasn't made a good movie but the sight of Clooney with a pot belly, dirty beard and surrounded by Arabs makes him look even more like my Dad.

4. Match Point (Woody Allen)
I've been skipping out on Woody's recent work but everyone says this is a return to form (which they've also said about his last ones)

3. Elizabethtown (Cameron Crowe)
I doubt this will be as good as Crowe's last two films but I do have high hopes.

2. Munich (Steven Spielberg)
Man I love Spielberg.

1. Good Night and Good Luck. (George Clooney)
The follow up to maybe the best directorial debut of the decade.

Posted by Chad
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7:16 PM

Ummm...okay...August...let's see...

- Junebug
- 2046
- Broken Flowers
- Grizzly Man
- Romance & Cigarettes
- The Constant Gardener
- William Eggleston In The Real World

There's tons of stuff this month to look forward to, and I can already suggest Junebug, 2046, and Broken Flowers. While they each have their flaws, they are definately films to be excited about within the muck that has been summer 2005. I'm excited about the films you listed as well, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.    

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