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Congratulations are in order for two of our very own here at Grand Opening-Grand Closing. "Hoopla" a 20 minute short film directed by Aaron Katz and starring Keegan DeWitt has been chosen to screen at the 2005 Rhode Island International Film Festival. The festival takes place August 9-14 and I'm pretty sure that "Hoopla" will be screening on the 13th. Their website kind of sucks so its hard to tell. If you live anywhere near this state, you should definitely check it out.

Also, RIFF is one of only 47 film festivals in the country that serves as a qualifying round for the Academy Awards. If "Hoopla" can snag a win in the short film category, it will automatically be in contention for next years Oscars. A long shot, but those are exactly the kind of odds Keegan and Aaron like. They are even doing something new this year. For the first time, audience members will have an opportunity to nominate their choice for Oscar selection by a special ballot, so its totally vital that you go and vote for it. So, cheers guys and good luck.

Official Festival Site

Posted by Chad
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5:17 PM

thats amazing! that film could totally go all the way, as cheasy as that sounds..    

4:06 AM

congratulations are in order to mr. katz. and mr. dewitt. having cleared one hurdle, the film now only has to win at the festival, be nominated for an academy award, win academy award. you're already twenty five percent of the way there, and with a win you'll be half way there. personally i would suggestion the inclusion of certain scene involving a couch to further the odds. in any case this can only serve to improve aaron's imdb pro ranking which has plummeted well into the 400,000's (despite having essentially the exact same credits as marc and i).

-- brendan    

4:39 AM

keegan dewitt is a douche. total total douche.    

7:25 AM

Apparently the film is entered in the experimental category. With a guy who sleeps in a suit, ducks, and general all-around confusion, and comedy?, it's sure to take the top spot.    

6:51 PM

whoa, whoa, whoa. How many comments do we have to suffer through before someone mentions that i was the assistant director (not too shabby) on this fine peace of celluloid? Eh? Well. The answer is clearly five.

We now return your attention to those deserving of it. My apologies.

Erm... congratulations, fellows.    

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