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Get Your War On

Not very timely, but a nice sentiment.

Get Your War On, by David Rees, is a political comic featuring shitty clip-art which, in a way both totally like and unlike the Daily Show, makes a joke out of actual news of the US military and government, as well as terrorists, foreign nations, Saddam Hussein, and Kurds.

Those Krazy Kurds!

Rees has been doing this since shortly after September 11th, 2001, and slowly but surely the focus has changed first from terrorism and Afghanistan, to Iraq and WMD's, to India and Pakistan; and is now fairly general in scope. Of particular interest is the comic which features the story of the oil rig 'Decepticon' and the human rights violating Dick Cheney, but, honestly, they are all pretty awesome.

Dilbert Resistant to 20 Meters
Dick Cheney and The Man Who Rapes Women- With A Gun (Tastes Like Robot Sweat)
Lost Comic from the 80's
Confederated Islamospooky

Relevant Links:
Interview with David Rees
GYWO merch on Amazon.com
the author's homepage (updated after the London bombings!)
Get Your War On Archives
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11:27 PM

I, for one, respect this posts thorough nature and the ballsiness to provide relative links. wonderful.    

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