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Two Stories

First, I went to have a peaceful coffee at the corner, and instead was approached and spoken to for almost a half hour by some totally hopped up gigolo. He had some sob story about how he hooked up with Kate Blanchette at a club in Berlin, has pictures to prove it, and his life has never been the same. So he's been taking acting classes, hoping their paths will meet again, and wants my opinion as to whether or not he should pay a P.I. a grand to hunt her down, cause "how could she refuse." Yikes.

Then, walking back to the hostel, I walked through a huge mass of people my age, doing an acting exercise called "Repitition" in Sydney Square. It's based on the candid observation, like "you're nervous", then the other person has to repeat you "I'm nervous", until the behavior changes. This brought up a bunch of feelings for me. First off, I'm glad to see people doing this, a "Meisner Technique" instead of balling up and crying on the floor james dean-style. Secondly, It made me miss acting school and fear that I may have shut the door on my oppurtunities to pursue it by leaving New York. And three, it highlighted a feeling that has been present for a while for me, this feeling like I'm seperated from my peer group.

I always considered it a good thing that I seemed to get on better with people atleast 6-7 years older than me than people my own age. Sadly though, this results in me either having little to no friends, and also missing out on a lot of the silly comradaree of my peers. I feel like I've spent a lot of time by myself because I've chosen to move to New York, then travel to Europe, then move to Brooklyn, then travel to Aurasia, then move to Los Angeles, and so on. Obviously, it's a worthwhile trade to get such a vast knowledge of the world and spend most of my time with people who have their priorities straight. But at the same time, it can get a little isolating too.

Just a thought.

Also, two side notes:

1) Asian people are cutters. A bunch of fuckin cutters. They'll be 10 miles behind me in the customs line, then SHIZAM! They are through customs and partying at baggage claim while I sit 20 minutes in line. F that.

2) I'm insulted when people here ask me if I'm Canadian. Of course I'm not. Canadians are ridiculous. I'm not ridiculous. How dare you.
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11:46 AM

So, you have finally gotten far enough there to no longer be here. It takes some time to remove yourself from habits and thought patterns to begin to see them from a third person perspective.

Good timing, really. Near the middle of the adventure, you will be so far away you'll strike the heart and have your moment of basic thought.

From there, it will be a complete reassembly and growing excitement about re-entry. But the only real issue is surfing.    

8:52 PM

Weird...I was just at a party the other night and this guy outside asked me for a lighter and then promptly asked if I was Canadian, which apparently had nothing to do with the fact that I didn't have a lighter. I said 'no' to both...obviously!    

11:37 PM

nobody has ever asked me if I was Canadian.
Love skip    

11:39 PM

first off.. we are not six or seven years older than you so get outta here.. and second...next time they ask tell em you not only ARE Canadian but you rode to Australia on Ogo Pogo.    

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