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You Can't Discriminate When You're Dead

Today is the first full day of random bag searches for anyone riding New York area transit. This morning, I see the news interviewing all these people complaining about racial profiling. Can I simply say this: fuck off. Seriously, New Yorkers spend so much time arguing just for the sake of arguing. Can we just search the bags please, and as many as possible in a timely fashion. EVEN IF the cops were racially profiling people, who gives a fuck, lets just make sure they search EVERYBODY. Granted, as has been said by the lovely Kim Stefans, I am a douchey white boy, but I still would rather there be rampant racial profiling (even though there won't be) than have someone bomb the L train as I ride in it under the east river. Feel me? I love all people, and sure, I'd love to dance with them like I'm in a coke commercial on a hillside, but I also would like people to stop wasting my time with this Political Point-Counterpoint, all while they are shooting suicide bombers on subway platforms in London.

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4:11 AM

While I understand your 'let's do what we've gotta to sentiment'. I think that encouraging racial profiling is a dangerous thing. To do so is to lose site of the larger picture, and to potentially slide down a very slippery slope. One should be very careful when relinquishing rights in the name of 'freedom'.    

4:21 AM

the patriot act is one thing, checking my back pack before i ride in a bomb on wheels in a small tunnel under a huge body of water is another.    

5:33 AM

Are you an idiot?

The problem is not racial profiling; the problem is violation of the Fourth Amendment.


And fuck you. You're an idiot.    

5:34 AM


6:10 AM

Ned is a writer who, is an accomplished public speaker who has presented to audiences at Yale, the Brixton Academy in London, and the National Association for Gifted Children. He's got a cool website, has succeeded of his own accord as a legitimate writer, and actually has some really interesting stuff at HIS WEBSITE. Sadly, he's also owner of this statement "And fuck you. You're an idiot. Which seems a bit ridiculous in response to a silly blog post. It's funny, I feel like since the blog is growing more and more, we seem to get these really grave responses to posts that are simply little ventings of emotions or so on. I'd hope for the format of the blog not to change, cause that seems to differentiate what I, some schmuck who writes for at 4am, and what Ned does (spend large amouonts of time, intelligence and effort writing books and paid articles for acclaimed publications). This blog is a place to vent silly knee jerk reactions, rants and so on. I mean seriously, I just posted about Andy Roddick's penis. I'd love for Ned to actually do a guest post about this non-violent resistance shit. I'm all about it. But in the meantime, Ned, lets chill bro, I mean seriously.    

11:24 AM

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.    

11:33 AM

After going to Ned's website I think I found the root of his childish reaction.

I think it stems from feeling "happy" while listening to the new Green Day record...maybe he was calling you an american idiot, keegan.

11:56 AM

Obviously we don't need people posting such negative and counterproductive posts as Ned's here, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I definitely felt a pretty serious flash of anger reading your post, Keegan. Granted, I live in a town that would most likely be uneffected by anything short of serious nuclear war, but I don't intend to stay here forever. When I do move, probably to a very large city, I will accept the personal risk, but I will never give up my rights (or given the fact that I am privileged and white, anyone else's) for something that isn't even likely to save any lives.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin


ps: aaron sorkin wrote an episode of the west wing about this very topic. he also supplied the above quote.    

2:20 AM

Ned Vizzini voted for Bush in 2004.

His right to call anyone an idiot has been forfeit.    

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