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rubber johnny

Rubber Johnny is the new short film from Chris Cunningham, featuring music composed by Aphex Twin. It's available on dvd and comes in a snazzy book with more photographs like the above, 40 pages worth to be exact. The book, which has been sitting around my office, served to shock and offend several of my female co-workers, so strap yourself in and enjoy. Click below to find out more about the film and Cunningham.

rubber jonny

chris cunningham
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6:44 AM

I don't wanna be predictable, but this grosses me out big time. And moreover, that thing Chad was saying about BOGGLE alienating our 2 readers and making no one want to come back, I'd file this in the same category. Yikes and double yikes.    

8:24 AM

that's bolderdash, not boggle!    

10:50 AM

Awhile back you guys asked about who might be reading this blog and I chose to not respond to that question for some reason probably summed up by the word laziness.

I've felt oddly guilty about that for the last few days. I think it's because your blog cracks me up and I should be kind enough to let you know that.

I should also let you know that that picture is f'ing disgusting and I had to stop eating lunch when i saw it. You might be able to start a fad diet by showing those pictures to fat girls while they eat pizza.    

11:21 AM

nick jaeger is a pimp.    

2:54 PM

i might point out that actually is chris cunningham, w/ some prostetics and morphing.    

3:51 PM

I was at a barbeque the other day that featured two young men discussing "lesbian bjork robots." They attributed the video for "All Is Full Of Love" to Kris Kristofferson. It was totally worth going.    

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