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I'd love a yes or no on the new design. Also, from now on, comments will not include your name unless you put it in your comment.
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10:30 AM

new design is good    

11:03 AM

What was wrong with the old one?    

11:05 AM

for some reason, the old one stopped working, all the links and stuff on the right were freaking out and dropping to the bottom.

11:06 AM

Plus, this way we can link to specific posts.

11:46 AM

looks good, but i don't know why it is to our advantage to have our names hidden in the comment section. if this is a simple thing to change, i suggest we change it back. otherwise, it's certainly not a big problem.    

11:56 AM

I didn't write this template, I simply manipulated it to fit us better. It's really complex java and just setting this up took me like 2 hours. It sucks. Adding comments i think is quite complicated. It's not a choice. So just write your name at the end of your comments like so...

11:58 AM

considering that there seems to some sort of craze going around where every website I frequent every day up and decides they "need some work done", I applaud the new GO-GC design. CollegeHumor.com's new design sucks, AintItCool.com's new design still sucks even though it's been up for months. In short, I've become very upset over the past weeks and months with the unnecessary renovations to sites I attend. GO-GC (because the real thing is WAYYYYYYY too fucking long to write *hint*) you've done the best so far in your revamping. Keep it simple and centralized. And for the love of Allah, do NOT suddenly decide that incredibly large spacing is where it's at. I can't stand it when a site looks like a 2 page term paper spread out to make the 6 page minimum.

Also, Chad's new job sounds right up his alley.


11:58 AM

Or if you're really curious just go to post a comment and all the names appear - voila!    

12:00 PM

my new job rules!
- chad    

12:06 PM

crazy question: should we change the whole thing to http://gogc.blogspot.com?
yikes, not another move.    

12:07 PM

I suggest more pictures.    

12:07 PM

oh forget that, it leads to some good charlotte bullllshit. perhaps gogc.com bitches!    

12:15 PM

damn, do you work? How many more hours do you plan on wasting on this today?    

12:16 PM

I appreciate the swiftness with which my suggestions were handled. You guys run a top notch operation over here. it's my humble opinion that grandopening-grandclosing is ENTIRELY TOO FUCKING LONG and my carpal tunnel syndrome gets cranky spelling it out. If you decide to change, groovy; if not, who cares. I'm just sayin': it's a helluva lot easier to type trent.blog..... than grandopen--oh fuck it I can't even make it through the whole thing. Speaking of trent, you guys need to get some publicity out of that guy.

Also, one more note. I realize how difficult it is to have names appear and whatnot. But here's a simple solution that apparently only chad has taken advantage of: when you write a post, just slip your name in there somewhere. Just so we know whose voice it is. You can go the Hartigan route and ask yoruself a question, or be better and find a clever way of working it in. This is just so there's no one out there thinking Aaron or Marc might be surfing in Australia any time soon. Although the mental image of either of those guys in a wet suits brings tears to my eyes. Tears of hilarity.


12:31 PM

OK, final thought so I don't enter the "gut-you-like-Manson-did-to-Sharon-Tate" tier of stalkerdom. (if you're wondering what the above is a reference too, check out what went down at Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas stalker trial.

onto the final thought: Brendan's not pulling his weight, but the fact that his "come-here-little-girl" picture is at the top makes my day.


1:02 PM

Why are there 6 contributers yet only 5 pictures?    

1:15 PM

Cause the goal is to get a bunch of different contributers, but still commemorate the founding fathers.    

1:42 PM

if i wanted to contribute some musings that have benn festering in my head ever since i went to an open mic stand up comedy evening....how would i do that?


1:46 PM

give me your email and i'll invite you.

1:52 PM

don't change the web address. go-gc can be how the cool kids refer to us, but you gotta type it all out to get here. you gotta earn it.    

2:14 PM

Lets take a moment to acknowledge that "earning it" has never been a strong suit for 600 West (Marc Ripper's female companions alone do not denote any evidence of "earning" anything) That's like saying Chad earned his ass hair.

You know what I just realized: the last time I saw Keegan was on the Hoopla set, and I was wearing a shirt that can only be described as "salmon-y". Thank you, Papa John's!


3:06 PM

**I wanted to bring to your attention that there is now a "ADMIN" feature at the bottom of the nav bar for easy login if you are a contributer and viewing the blog.**

3:20 PM

I'd just like to note that I have been w/ out a computer for the past month, and this mr. cloud is why i have not been 'pulling my weight', as they say. However after navigating a great deal of red tape it is back in my possession.

- Brendan    

3:45 PM

My apologies to Brendan.

Here's a fun game to play. Go ahead and try to set up a new blogger account. See if you can get past STEP 1: CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. I know I can't....no matter how hard I try.

-Smizzy Clizzy    

4:55 PM

Apology accepted Mr. Cloud. I would be honored to share the same blogging space w/ you.    

6:43 PM

hate the new design    

6:49 PM

yikes, that's a strong opinion for someone anonymous    

9:19 PM

I like the new design. Obviously has some quirky drawbacks based on the complicated java nonsense, like showing who made a post, comment, etc., but we can get around this by typing it in. Easy enough. It will improve with time. Good job, Keegan!

~ marc    

10:19 PM

so apparently only one anonymous person dislikes the new design. I'd say that's Tiger on Sunday good.


8:39 PM

i hate the new design too. so does the person reading next to me. that makes three.    

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