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Well hello friends. I return to you after a long, long evening of trip planning. As of September 1st, I'll be departing New York City after 5 long years. Below is the itinerary to my trip which may or may not lead to L.A. or back to NY.

Sat Oct 1st-Monday Oct 3rd.
I travel from PDX to LA to HONG KONG to AUCKLAND (27 hours, lovely)

Oct3rd-Oct 7th: AUCKLAND, NZ
I relax and enjoy Auckland, NZ before heading up into the beaches for some surfing at Raglan.

Oct 7th-Oct 10th: RAGLAN, NZ
I ride the amazing surf up in the beautiful mountaness area of Raglan.

Oct 10th-Oct 13th: SYNDEY, AUSTRALIA
I enjoy the city and surf the local spots which include the scarily titled "Shark Island"

Oct 14th-Oct 17th: BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
I visit the beautiful northern gold coast for the best surfing locations.

Oct 17th-Oct 28th: NADI, FIJI
This begins the 2 week centerpiece of the trip, FIJI. Amazing surfing, amazing everything.

Oct 28th: Auckland, NZ
Back in Auckland for the night to make my connection.

Oct 29th-Oct 31st: HONG KONG
I spend 3 days in Hong Kong, totally confused and frightened.

Oct 31st-Nov 1st: Travel to LA
I'm back in LA on the 31st, and I either stay, or wait till the next day for a plane to PDX.

By the way, if you've been wondering whether I'll be eaten by sharks and never return, so have I, and yes, it kinda concerns me.
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12:11 PM

possibly stay in LA? not what I heard.    

12:59 PM

so heres your basic fijian phrases so u can avoid being the american ahole:

bula (boolah) - hello
moce (moh-vay) - bye
vinaka (vinn-ah-kuh) - thank you
vinaka na kana (vinn-ah-kuh nah kah-nuh) - thanks for the food
kiri kiri - (keer-ee keer-ee) - please    

3:50 PM

"vinaka na kana (vinn-ah-kuh nah kah-nuh) - thanks for the food" ?

now you're just making shit up.    

12:11 PM

see the thing about this post is, I'm forced to assume this is Keegan talking, as the image of either Marc Ripper or Aaron Katz surfing would do little else than make me crack up laughing.


12:26 PM

Can I come with you?    

12:26 PM

Your so going back to NY.    

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