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I have started our GO-GC review round-robin. Each thursday, one person will assign viewings/listenings to the primary five contributers, which will then be DUE the following monday. If an additional contributer (ryan or smokey at this point) would like to review, they should either free lance it, or decide to write a counter-point to one of the main reviews. The only exception is this week, when no one will get advance notice. Also, there are rules, listed below. Next in line to assign viewings/listenings is Chad Hartigan, the order is below:

ORDER: Keegan, Chad, Brendan, Aaron, Marc

Assignments for this week:


BRENDAN MCFADDEN - DVD - The Daily Show (Indecision 2004)

AARON KATZ - FILM - Bad News Bear



- No Box sets unless volunteered by the reviewer or a new release, easily available for rental.
- Only material being released within the week, unless the assignment is a "preview".
- If the reviewer is unable to get to, or get ahold of the screening materials, he must allow the assigner to offer something new, not choose something for himself.
- Punishment should not be carried out through assigning awful films, records, so on. Aaron, I really wanna hear your opinions on Bad News Bears.

** So as stated above, these reviews are due monday evening. Also, Chad, please have your assignments by tomorrow for next week, due a week from monday, August 1st

Posted By Keegan DeWitt
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12:30 PM

Here's hoping that Bad News Bears is good. I'm not sure what to expect. On the one hand his mainstream stuff includes School of Rock, but on the other there's The Newton Boys.    

2:05 PM

Wait, hasn't "Indecision 2004" been out for quite a while? I thought we were only doing the newest releases?


2:08 PM

It's been out, but to be totally honest, it was a weak couple weeks of releases, so I thought you'd rather do that than say... I don't... some other shit, You can propose an alternative. Besides, you are the resident politician here.    

2:11 PM

I wanted to give you LAGUNA BEACH box set.

2:17 PM

From now on I think the assignments should be given via e-mail and not publicly. And just to clarify, mine is a preview not a review?

2:43 PM

i might just do the laguna beach box set, if i can get my hands on it. sean mentioned he was considering buying it. if not..can i rent indecision 2004?    

6:51 PM

but if the assignments are private, then how will I know how expectant to be about tuesday's postings? My expectancy rates are monitored by a team of physical therapists from the mayo clinic and they might not be down with me "winging it". You never think about my irregular heartbeat do you? Do you?

-smizzy clizzy    

8:03 PM

Posting instructions for our own things only further increases the vibe a visitor would get that this blog is written for the same people that its written by. In the interest of taking GO-GC to its fullest potential I think mandatory reviews of current pop culture is a good step. Posting the instructions is a bad one.

9:42 PM

I'd agree that posting the instructions is bad, however, posting who is doing what beforehand is good in anticipation of what is to come the following week. I also think that whoever is choosing the items to review should choose from a real place - as keegan notes - with a genuine interest in reading a review of such and such by a particular person and not just by the toss of a coin.

-- marc    

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